The Natives

In a world as old as D'rkenrealm there have been many species that coveted the Realm. Some still walk, others have long been gone, and still newer species are developing everyday.

In a place of magic and mystery anything is possible and the people that live here are as magical and mysterious as the land itself.

The Otherworlds/The Underworld/The In-Between

The Otherworlds

The Otherworlds are home to the Gods and Goddesses of both the Celtic Pantheon and the Norse Pantheon. They are united in their hatred of the Gods of the Underworld yet at the same time they are divided. The Pantheons have a shaky and vulnerable partnership. They do not necessarily like or trust each other. The history between them and how they came to be split is long and violent, and filled with deep betrayals and resentment, each side unforgiving of the other's side perceived deception. For now all is well in the Otherworlds but it wouldn't take much to break this alliance and send the Pantheons to the brink of another war.

The Underworld

The Underworld exists far beneath the Realm, in a world of fire, smoke, and brimstone, where pain is freely and most expediently given. In this Realm Bile God of the Underworld rules without mercy. Creator of all the Demons of the Realm, Bile is the God all Warlocks revere as the Realm's only God. Thrown out of the Otherworld Bile has as much love for the Celtic and Norse Pantheons as they do for him. He is constantly seeking ways to destroy the two Pantheons and take control of the Realm.

The In-Between

The land in-between the Otherworlds and the Realm is a world created and ruled by the Fey. It is a world where magic and nature combine to become one. Not much is known of the In-Between since no one has ever been able to find it.

Demi Gods/Goddess

They are the products of the unions between the Gods and immortals and mortals, demi-gods/goddesses carry the powers of their Otherworldly parent. Each one different from another though no less special.

At one time they were hunted by the Gods from other Pantheons seeking to destroy their enemies hold on the mortal world and the Realm itself, but since the peace pact between the Celtic and Norse deities took place the hunting stopped. At least, that is what is believed.

The Fey

Between the Gods and the immortals exist The Fey. Beings of magic and nature. They rule the In-Between. They do not bow to any God for they are Gods in their own rights, however they do take sides.

Some Fey believe all creatures in the Realm are connected and what affects one affects another. They believe there is no distinction between species that they are one in the same, children of the Gods. They are called the Seelie. Others do not share those believes. They do not care for any species but their own. They are called the Unseelie.

The Seelie trusted in the Celtic and Norse Pantheons and sided with them on all things, while the Unseelie bound themselves to the Underworld. Since this faction occurred they have been battling amongst themselves for control of the In-Between.


There are two types of Vampires; The Upyr and their sired children who are referred to as 'turned' Vampires.

What is an Upyr?

Upyr are pure blood Vampires, they are born Vampires not turned. They are alive with beating hearts and souls in contrast to humans who are turned by an Upyr (or another turned vampire) who die and then resurrected by drinking the blood of their sire. Turned Vampires have no heart beat or soul, they are essentially the walking dead.

The Two Lines

There are two lines of the Upyr, those created by the Great Goddess Anaya of the Celtic Pantheon and the Viking Upyr created by Odin from the Norse Pantheon that come from the Scandinavian countries. Though they no longer fought each other pettiness and bickering between the Pantheons' still flourished. Odin wanted a separate line of Upyr, one that would signify the Norse culture and revere the Norse Pantheon as well as the Celtic Pantheon. Anaya relented with Odin's wish and the Viking Upyr were born.

Both lines are fundamentally the same in all aspects, the exception being that the Viking Upyr had superior blocking capabilities and one in every twenty Viking Upyr born possessed the Berserker trait, a darker side of the demon that all Upyr had within them, they were second in power and strength only to those Upyr that came from the direct line, those from the House of Maksim, the first Upyr ever created. Master Halvard Lund was the last known recorded pure blood Berserker Viking.

Turned Vampires and Their Connections to the Upyr

All Upyr's at one time turned to siring humans in a means to maintain their numbers as the Pure were killed in the many wars that ravaged the land. This ultimately led to the existence of turned Vampires and the distinction between First or Second generations and their traits.

All turned Vampires are linked to the Upyr. A man sired from an Upyr was considered a First Generation Vampire. He had the pure blood of the Upyr in his veins, his demon traits were closer to an Upyr then the generations after him. The further down the line a turned vampire is the less his pure blood connection is. Currently the majority of Vampires that exist in the Realm today are second or more generation Vampires.

The Viking Upyr however treated the siring of a human quite differently. They wanted to maintain their special qualities of the line so they only sired Scandinavian men and they did not do so lightly.

In a ritual called the 'Bloodying' men participated in warfare games that determined the strongest, quickest, and smartest of humans to be turned. When those men were chosen, they would be turned in a sacrificial ritual by the Master Upyr that ruled the land, Master Halvard Lund, therefore all turned Viking Upyr have the same sire.

This helped to maintain the purity of the line and the ritual itself was an act of worship to Odin as it wooed him into bestowing on the man being turned the Berserker trait. Men that Odin found capable of controlling such power received this gift, most however did not. While the Berserker trait was common in a Viking Upyr, occurring one in every twenty babies born, it was not so with a turned Viking Upyr, only one in a hundred men 'Bloodied' were gifted with this trait.

Heeding to this rule it is no wonder that Viking Upyr were smaller in numbers then their Russian and European counterparts, making the Viking line of Upyr rare and as Odin wanted, special. A turned Berserker Viking is rarer still and in fact there has only been one turned Berserker Viking recorded in the past two millennia's.


Centuries ago the Lycanthropes roamed the Realm side by side with the Vampires and Demons.

In The Three Thousand Year Old war, they battled the Vampires for control and power over the Realm. In the beginning, their numbers were as large as those of the Vampires but the Upyr proved to be stronger and more enduring.

The Lycan were a prolific bread. Immortal and mating for life, a pair of Lycan could have hundreds of litters in their lifetime, each litter giving 2-4 pups. However, the survival rate of those pups was 1 in 20 and that was entirely the result of the Upyr.

The Upyr feared that the Lycan's could over populate them with the large and frequent litters their females had. So it was decided that each House would appoint one Upyr who's entire purpose within the Clan was to learn who the mated pairs of each Lycan House was and then seek and destroy. It was a smart maneuver and by doing so the Upyr eventually wiped out three quarters of the Lycan's mated pairs and thousands of the unmated females. With the birthing rate practically non-existent and Lycan's dying in the war the Upyr eventually succeeded in wiping them out, when in 512 BC a Master Upyr took the head of the last Lycan King.

Now in the current year 2101 Lycanthrope are believed to be extinct but like so many things in D'rkenrealm one should never take what they see or what they have been told at face value.

The Necromancy

The Necromancy are creations of the Fey, not the Pantheons, though the Necromancy worship not only the Fey but the Pantheons as well, depending on whether they are good or evil.

At one time there was one House united together against The Underworld but centuries ago a split occurred and there now exists two distinct Houses of Necromancy.

The Warlocks hunger for the White Power all White Wiccas have. They are constantly seeking for a way to control them and eventually turn them over to the side of evil.

The White Wiccas battle to maintain their purity and keep forever hidden that which the Warlocks seek...the Draiocht Dorcha, the Book of Dark Magic, a book that contains all the dark magic to ever exist and that which the Warlocks believes will give them the ultimate power.

To this day the silent battle that takes place between the two houses is very much alive and growing in strength, though few people are aware of this.


Created by Bile, there are hundreds of different species of Demons. Each one evil and each one set on destroying whatever good there is.

Most of these breeds however are held captive in the pits of the Underworld, never to set foot in the Realm again while a few select breeds have escaped and currently walk the Realm. There numbers are small and they stay well hidden from fear of being found and destroyed.

There are still an even smaller amount of Demons that walk the Realm openly. They are the more powerful breeds, smarter, they've align themselves with the dark magic's of the Warlocks and live within the rules of the Realm set forth by the Consul.


Sometime during the end of the Three Thousand Year Old War, The Great Goddess Anaya through another species into the mix, mortals/humans.

As the Vampires and Lycan's battled each other the human world grew steadily and quietly, until their numbers grew too strong for the Vampires, who at this time were battling each other in The Brethren War, could not overlook.

Out of all the species in the Realm the mortal humans had it the worst. With no supernatural powers, no speed or strength, they were easy pickings for the Vampires and the many Demons that roamed the Realm. As the Upyr's numbers fell they began turning humans into Vampires to increase their numbers. A practice that is now forbidden in D'rkenrealm.

Though mortal with no supernatural abilities as the species that surround them, humans have proven their strength and stamina by staying alive and thriving. They now live peacefully with all the supernatural creatures of the Realm. They hold positions of power in the Council just as the Vampire and Demon rulers do, and they have proven that their race is just as powerful as their supernatural neighbors.


Like Vampires there exists two lines of Shikars, Viking Shikars and Shikars, both created by the mortal race during the Vampire-Human War to help defeat the Vampires. The difference being that Viking Shikars were Scandinavians and given the ability to block like their Viking Upyr counterparts. They were mortal women infused with demon abilities making them immortal and as strong and as fast as the Vampires.

When the Alliance was struck and Shikars were no longer needed to fight they found a new place in the Realm, that of Vampire mates.


Blendlings are the newest species to the Realm and are now considered to be some of the most powerful.

Their parents are of mixed species. One never knows what traits the child will have until they have grown and Shined. Blendlings with one mortal parent could very well become strictly mortal, while a Blendling with a Vampire father and Shikar mother may have all Vampire traits or all Shikar traits, or a combination of both. There is no rhythm or reason to the process. Every Blendling is born mortal then as they grew their powers develop.

Some people believe the creation of Blendlings too be sacrilege. That the mixing of races should not take place. It is this belief that started the war now ravaging the Realm, The Cleansing War.