What is D'rkenrealm

A dimension on the outskirts of our own, D'rkenrealm made it's first appearance in the Fan Fiction (Buffy and Angel) Mine: Here, There, Anywhere first posted in 2004 on Warriors & Lovers.

In Mine, Buffy discovered a world different from her own. A place where supernatural beings lived peacefully with mortals. Here she discovered that no matter how many dimensions are crossed, true love and passion - soul mates - will always find each other, and destines will always come to be no matter what you want or think. In the end Buffy was granted all she ever wanted a home and family, love and peace.

Now revisit D'rkenrealm in a series of original stories and original characters, of a once peaceful world torn apart by ignorance and war. A series that will take you from sunny California to the mystical highlands of Scotland. From the cold aridity of Russia to steamy Brazilian nights. From the east to the west discover a world where deep love and endless passions await you. Where destinies are learned and lived. A place where truth, honesty and forgiveness overcome betrayal, lies, and fears. It's a world whose history is as deep-seated and ageless as our own.

The Beginning

Not unlike other dimensions D'rkenrealm was created by the Gods, who eventually warred amongst themselves for control over what they created. The war ultimatley led to a split and the creation of three separate Panethons - Celtic, Norse and the Underworld.

The first beings to walk the realm when the Gods left were the Fey and immortal beings of supernatural powers: Upyr (Vampires), Lycanthropes and Demons, and soon after the mortals. The Fey were the dominate species but inner conflicts within the Fey led to a war that separated them and took them out of the realm and into the In-Between. After that, Vampires became the dominate species.

The Vampire Houses

Vampire Houses were essentially the clans of the Upyr. Each House was built, protected, and governed by the predominate family of the area in which they controlled. One family rules the clan. The House taking on the first name of the Master male vampire ruling it. Should that Master die, then his eldest son becomes the Master, and the name of the House is changed to signify the coming of a new leader.

At the beginning of the Three Thousand Year Old War there were over fifty vampire houses, but by the end, only ten remained. Greedy for power, and hungry for more, they began to war against each other. Little by little they killed each other off ultimately destroying what remained of the Pure Blood ruling houses. By the end of The Brethren War only three remained. They were the strongest, the oldest, and the purest of bloods, and it was these houses that remained in power until the of Book of Nahajan was unearthed.

House of Maksim

Governing the Russian territories, the House of Maksim was the oldest and thereby the most respected, Upyr House to ever exist. They are the Proto-Slavic sec of Vampires, speaking primarily Old Novgorodian (Old Norse) and Russian.

Ruled by Master Maksim Tereshchenko. It was, in fact, his sword that cleaved the head off of the last Lycanthrope King thus ending the Three Thousand Year Old War.

House of Carvilius

The Proto-Celtic and Italic Sec of Vampires. Speaking primarily Celtic/Goidelic/Italic Language. The House of Carvilius was the second oldest vampire house. It was also the one with the most territory which included Europe and the Americas.

Ruled by Master Carvilius.

House of Halvard

The Scandinavian sec. Speaking primarily Old Norse/Old Novgorodian Languages

Master Halvard Lund ruled the House which was the smallest vampire house remaining after the war with the Lycanthropes.

The House of Necromancy

Created by the Fey the House of Necromancy are the magical beings of the realm. When the Fey split into two separate factions so to did the House of Necromancy.

The Warlocks siding with the Unseelie and now call themselves The Soothsayers, align themselves with Bile God of the Underworld.

The White Wiccas hold the House of Necromancy in the name of white magic and peace.

As the Cleansing War continues and the Warlocks and Wiccas fight for their prospective sides they also war against each other. Bound to the Fey, their creators, whatever touches the Fey ultimately touches the magical Houses. So as the war between the Fey silently rages between the mist, so to does the war between the Soothsayers and the White Wiccas.

Conflicts That Shaped the Realm

The Three Thousand Year War (300BC to 1BC)

It isn't long after the Fey leave the realm and the Vampires took control that the Lycanthropes grew tired of the Vampires rule and the Three Thousand Year War begun. As they battle for control of D'rkenrealm demons and mortals are left to themselves.

By 1 BC the Vampires have wiped out the Lycanthropes yet three thousands year of war have depleted their numbers and only ten Houses remain.

The Brethren War (10AD to 1066AD)

After nine years of peace the remaining Houses begin a battle for control of D'rkenrealm. At some point during this war Vampires learn a way of increasing their numbers by turning Humans but the smaller less powerful Houses still fall under the larger Houses. In the year 1066 only three Houses remain: House of Halvard, House of Maksim, and House of Carvilius. Then not long after the two smaller Houses of Halvard and Maksim make a truce and become allies in an attempt to overpower the larger House of Carvilius.

The Vampire Human War (1066AD to 1613AD)

During the last few years of the Brethren War, the Human race grows to numbers equal to those of the Vampires and as the Houses war against each other, the Humans begin to hunt down the Vampires. At first they are considered nothing but a nuisance but with the introduction of Shikar Warriors, the Humans suddenly become a threat.

That same year the Houses of Halvard and Maksim are thrown into turmoil with the deaths of both Master Vampires. With no offspring, their seconds in command take control of the Houses and a truce is signed with the House of Carvilius to join together against the Human race. By the end of 1066AD the Brethren War has now become the Vampire-Human War.

The Fertility Curse and The Alliance, the Creation of the Council and The Prophecy

After two wars that spanned centuries and a third soon to reach a century mark, the Gods are tired of watching the destruction and death, and decide to take matters into their own hands. Anaya of the Celtic Pantheon and Odin of the Norse Pantheon decide to place a fertility curse on the entire realm.

In 1613, one year after the curse is placed and no children are born to any species in the realm, the Vampires and the Humans form an alliance, as well as banishing the vampire practice of turning humans.

Being the only remaining Upyr alive Master Carvilius is considered the leader of both the Vampires and the Viking Vampires, working side by side with the President of the Human Race, they organize a new system of governing D'rkenrealm, one where all species are united and share power, and they call it The Council. Ten people sit on the Council. One person from each race represents their race in all matters. The current Council members are:

Nigel Templeton, Speaker for the Vampires. The Vampire Council member should be the oldest Vampire, Count Arnost Moravec, however since Count Moravec is the leader of the rebel faction he cannot hold a Council position, and in fact was kicked out when he began his coup. The position was then given to Nigel. Though not the oldest or most powerful, Nigel is considered to be the most trust worthy and fairest among the Vampires.

Alrek Skogen, speaker for the Viking Vampires. Currently the Jarl of Denmark, Alrek holds a Council position because the current Jarl of Norway and rightful Council member holds a high ranking within the rebel faction and is therefore not entitled to hold a position.

Calla, Grand White Wicca of the House of Necromancy, speaker for White Wiccas.

Sethos Kannellopoulos, speak of the Soothsayers. Sethos is the head of the Soothsayer House in Greece. He currently holds this position since the Chief of the Soothsayers is not eligible because of his close ties to the rebel faction.

Henry Woodmont, current President of the People for the Human Race.

Lisbeth Jewel, current appointed Chief of the Blendlings.

Brin ap Owen, Chief of the Seelie Fey faction.

Emrys Llywarch, Chief of the Unseelie Fey faction.

Bulrus Semi - Chief of all Demon clans and liaison to Bile, God of the Underworld.

Tragar Wyn ap Rhys, King of the Fey and liaison to Queen Mab of the Fey.

Members take turns being the speaker of the Council, one every year. Tragar Wyn ap Rhys is the current Council Speaker.

Three months after the creation of the Council, the Book of Nahajan is revealed. It foretells the Prophecy of the Chosen One and the Champion, and ultimately the breaking of the curse. That blessed event took place in the year 2001, when a woman from another dimension arrives in D'rkenrealm and mates with a Master Vampire. Nine months later the first baby in centuries was born, and The Champion is anointed the Overlord of D'rkenrealm.

The Overlord is considered the King of the Realm and he holds the power to do what he wills but he is still answerable to The Council and Circinn the Consul.

The Cleansing War (2003 - present)

Two years to the date of the new Overlord's anointed, a coupe begins to stop the blending of species and to keep the Vampire line pure and untainted. It is also a coupe of power between the Overlord and the vampire who believes he should rule.

For the first time since the creation of the Council D'rkenrealm is no longer united. The Soothsayers, Demons, and the Unseelie form bonds and alliances with the rebel's, while the White Wiccas, Shikars, the Humans, and the Seelie side with the Overlord. The Vampire race, including the Viking Vampires are split in their alliances. Tragar Wyn ap Rhys and Circinn the Consul are neutral parties.