Stand Alones

After breaking up with her cheating ex boyfriend, Los Angeles Kings publicist , Shelby Thompson, is under attack by erotic reoccurring dreams with a mysterious man. Sexually frustrated and in a perpetual state of arousal, Shelby knows that getting laid is the key to her problem, but sometimes the solution is not that easy to swallow. For a woman who believes deeply in love and monogamy, having one night stands with strangers makes her uneasy, but as her body yearns for release she begins to question her principles. There is one man she has always lusted after, a man she intuitively knows could satisfy her body’s demands, but at what cost?

Mason McCready is a man on a mission. To enjoy and seduce every woman that comes across his path and to be the greatest hockey player of all time. He doesn’t believe in love, no that’s for weak minded pansies and morons living in fairyland. He’s all about independence and sexual liberation, and he has no morality about getting it anyway he wants it. He’s the complete opposite of his neighbor and best friend Shelby, the woman who is the star in every sexual fantasy he has. Though his desire for Shelby is unbearably significant, Mason has kept their relationship in the friend zone. He knows Shelby is looking for something permanent, something completely unthinkable and utterly horrifying to a man who enjoys a different lover every night...marriage.

Quicksand is the story of two friends with two completely different ideas on love and sex, who finally give in to their desires and discover that sometimes lust is the catalyst to the real danger that lies underneath - love.