Appears In: Prequel, Book One, and Novella IV
a ghra mo chroi: Scots Gaelic - my hearts beloved

Beleza:Portugese for beauty

Blendling: A child born to parents of different species (i.e. Vamp and Shikar, etc.)

Blinking: the means to move from one place to another that some magical beings have

Blocking: an ability that some vampires have that allow them to block another vampire's Probing

The Book of Nahajan: The prophecy that revealed the coming of the Chosen One.

The Consul: The liaison between all species of D'rkenrealm and the Goddess Anaya

The Council: Consists of the heads of each species and governing the laws of D'rkenrealm

The Darkness: the demon half of the Upyr

Dorogoy: Russian meaning dear

Dragotsennaya: Russian meaning precious

Draiocht Dorcha: Irish Gaelic meaning dark magic. An ancient book of dark magic spells, both known and unknown, from all divisions of magic

The Eastern European Territories: Asia, New Zealand and Australia

Ek ann ther: Old Norse meaning I Love You

First Generation Turned Vampire: Humans turned by an Upyr

Flath-threun: Scots-Gaelic meaning demigod


Gorod: medieval Russian term for castle

>Kevdja drengr: Old Norse meaning Greetings Warrior

Lechie: a demon that lives in the forests of Russia and Scandinavia. They are mortal enemies to the Leshy, their good elf counterparts.

Leshy: a forest elf that lives in Russia and Scandinavia

Lubimaya: Russian meaning my love, sweetheart

Lufaylia: (Lu-fay-lia) Upyrian love potion

Lyubof: Russian meaning love

Malyshka: Russian meaning baby

Maya krasaveetsa: Russian meaning my beauty

The Middle East and African Territories: The Middle East Countries and Africa

Milaya moya: Russian meaning sweetie, my sweet

Moya dusha: Russian meaning my soul

Moya solnishka: Russian meaning my little sunshine

Necromancy: beings of magical origins

The Northern American Territories: American, Mexico and Canada

The Northern European Territories: Russia and Scandinavia

Old Norse: ancient Scandinavian language typically spoken by those of Russian or Scandinavian decent.

The Overlord:The ruling lord of D'rkenrealm acts like a king of all species he only answers to the Council and Circinn the Consul.

Probing: an ability that some vampires have that let them read other people's minds.

S'airsul: Pronounced 'share-sool' 'oo' like in tool. Upyrian meaning shared soul or bonded mate the mate of an Upyr male.

Shikar: Vampire slayer. Human child given the essence of a demon created sometime between 1AD-1066AD by the humans during the Vampire Human War to fight the vampires

Shining: What takes place when a child's powers have matured and they become immortal. Transition occurs when a halo of blue light surrounds them for a brief moment and then disappears

Sladkoe iskushenie: Russian meaning sweet temptation

The South American Territories: South America

The Southern European Territories: Europe

Sovereign: a master vampire selected by the Overlord and ruling a specified territory

The Summit: A meeting that takes place every five years in Scotland at the castle of Circinn the Consul. The object of the meeting is for all warring parties to meet and try to come to terms with some sort of resolution

Svass: Old Norse for beloved

Ti takaya krasivaya: Russian meaning you are so beautiful

Upyr: Pronounced vrag - A Pure Blood vampire

Upyrian: An ancient form of Old Norse, it is the language of the Upyr.