Caoimhe Skye

Main Story: Mo Gra, Book Five
Appears In:Book One through Four, and Book Six, and Novella V
Nicknames: Skye, Shane calls her Dragoness
Species: Unknown
Born: July 28, 2023
Immortal Age: 78
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey/Violet
Height: 5'11
Speaks: Native tongue is Scots-Gaelic, fluent in Irish-Gaelic, English, Old Norse, Russian, and Fey
Special Ability: It is generally understood that Caoimhe is a powerful being but no one really knows what makes her so powerful or what those powers actually are. The general opinion is that she's nuts, dangerous, and not to be trusted. Of course no one speaks about this out loud

Being the daughter of Circinn the Consul is not as easy as it sounds. Firstly, Caoimhe's birth is a mystery because no one knows who her mother is or where she came from. In the Spring of 2022, Circinn left the Castle in the Highlands of Scotland and traveled to the Isle of Skye. The whole time he was gone no one saw or heard from him until his return to the Highlands in the fall of 2023, and with him a three month old baby girl. He doesn't speak about who Caoimhe's mother is and no one in their right mind would ever ask.

The question of her birth sadly is not a question for Caoimhe, she knows the circumstances she just wishes she didn't because the day she discovered her past was the day she lost her future. Once a happy, affectionate loving woman Caoimhe is now cold and bitter, angry and resentful, and spends as little time as possible with her Father. Actually, her opinion on the entire male species is not very high, at all. She distrusts all of them, she thinks they are all liars, whores, and two faced back stabbing pigs. She has no tolerance for society or people, with the exception of Abby and Bryony. Though she is many years older than them, the three share a bond of sisterhood. In fact, Caoimhe deemed herself their protector and will fight like a lioness protecting her cubs to help them.

Caoimhe walks a dark path and has been for some time. She has become a mercenary, hiring out her sword and her skills to the highest bidder. She doesn't care who they are or what they want, she is only after the thrill of the fight and the anticipation of making a kill.

Running from a past that left her shattered and broken, living a life that has her teetering on the edge of madness, it is only a matter of time before everything she has come to know will change, and her world will once more be spun around.