With a Wink and a Kiss, Novella I

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Connor Mac Branain is a busy man. Not only does he have his duties as second in command to his father the Overlord, but he's also responsible for keeping his six unruly siblings under control, all the while dealing with the aggravating fact that once a month his powers go MIA. He's tired and doesn't know how he's been able to keep a level head when inside he's ready to kill everyone.

So what he doesn't need is another mission, escpecially a lost cause as the one his mother insists on him taking - help his Aunt Devyn locate the missing daughter of her deceased friend. Of course Connor can't refuse his mother, because only the Gods know what sneaky stuff she'll do to him, so he heads to England to find the missing brat. A chance of fate leads him right to her and from the moment they meet he can't stand her. She's bold, loud, obnoxious, completely uncouth, and a bloody thief to boot. He can't wait to drop her off at his Aunt and Uncle's house and be rid of her.

Lucy Davidson has been running her entire life, hiding from the man who murdered her mother right before her eyes. Still while that would most likely damage most people, Lucy's been handling it pretty good, of course the thing she's had a hard time wrapping her head around is that the man who killed her mother is her father. Still, she's done pretty good for herself. Taking refuge in the underbelly of England's society, Lucy has become an accomplished thief. She steals everything she needs and for those of the other orphaned children she lives with. She's a survivor and she can take care of herself so when she meets a way too serious Yank who not only claims to be the Overlord's son but also that he's come to safe her, Lucy laughs in his face, but before she can get away the evil Lucy had been running from finds her.

Now Connor and Lucy are on the run from a powerful Warlock bent on taking Lucy. Every day they spend with each other is another day of enlightening and realization, and the growing knowledge that they can trust each other, that they need each other to survive, and that love is more powerful than any magic could possibly be.