Le Resistence, Novella II

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Keegan Mac Branain is sent to the Canadian Rockies to find out why the Regent has not been returning the Overlord's calls. Once there he learns the Regent has been turning humans, a practice that has been forbidden in D'rkenrealm for centuries. The Regent's latest prey, Oriane de Lorme is a beautiful human and unlike anyone Keegan ever met. He's instantly taken with the woman who has a hard as nails facade and rarely smiles. He senses the vulnerability in her, it calls to him to protect her and to heal her. Now if he could just get her to stop shooting him he might make some progress.

She's just a human so why does everyone seem so interested in her? Oriane doesn't have any special powers, unless you call hatred of anything supernatural a power, but the Regent Samuel Dupont keeps sending his inept minions to capture her all of whom are easily outmaneovered, but now there's a new vampire coming for her. This one is different then the others the Regent has sent. This one is not stupid and his tracking skills outshine even her own as he sticks to her like glue on her boot. She could easily let herself be impressed by this one and she could even admit, to herself at least, that she enjoys looking at his mountain like physique and hearing the sound of his gruff voice, but that doesn't change the fact that he's still a vampire and vampire's aren't to be trusted. Still, there's something different about him. No matter what she says or does he keeps coming with those sexy smiles and a sweet and charming attitude that Oriane doesn't know what to make of. He's a vampire and all vampires are bloodthirsty leaches, aren't they?

A human woman tracked by two very different vampires, one who wants to do the unthinkable and the other bent on seduction. What will Oriane do? Will Keegan be able to convince her that not all vampires are evil?