I Breath For You, Book Two

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Haunted by a desire that should never be his

Shane Mac Branain thinks he is finally free of the neverending and shameful desire that has shadowed him for the past ten years. With the war over his responsibility to his sister is over and with that his responsibility to his cousin, Bryony. Things couldn't get any better as far as he was concerned but dark and mysterious things are unfurling. Things that will lead him right back to where he doesn't want to go...into the arms of temptation.

Shadowed by evil

Bryony O'Nuallain is a wreck. She's destined to become one of the most powerful White Wiccas to ever exist but she doesn't see it that way. In fact, she doesn't have any faith in her powers at all. At one time faith and hope had been words in her vocabulary but with the end of the war that faded.

Lonely, insecure and vulnerable, Bryony is being stalked by an ancient evil. Hunted by a man that craves her power and her flesh, and haunted by an unrequitted love, she's on a path that will lead her to the unimaginable, to become that which she fears the most.

Time is running out for Bryony O'Nuallain. Only one man can save her. The only question is...will it be too late.