From Out of the Shadows, Book Four

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A deadly virus is killing the children of D'rkenrealm

Nyle Mac Branain has been walking around D'rkenrealm bored out of his ever-loving mind. Afterall, there are only so many bar brawals and ladies you could feast on by yourself, which is exactly what he's been doing since his partner in crime got mated. When his five year old nephew becomes sick Nyle is given the mission of his life and a chance to be a hero - find a legendary healer and bring her back to save the children of D'rkenrealm. Ironic for a man who has always been called the black sheep of the family, but Nyle's up for anything and if it takes him away from the ever prying eyes of his family then why not.

The fate of D'rkenrealm rests in her hands, and she doesn't even know it

In and out of foster homes her entire life, Maggie Kelly overcame many obstacles to get to where she is today - a well adjusted woman with both feet planted firmly on the ground and the proprietor of a small book store in San Francisco. She's happy, she's living her dream so why does she feel as if something is missing? Why does she have this never ending ache of not belonging?

Maggie doesn't have the answers to those questions but on a dark rainy night she meets a man who does. Too bad the answers he gives sends Maggie's perfectly logical world completly upside down. Now she's forced to face the truth about herself and to make a decision that will forever change her life. Sending her to a world where magic and monsters are not fairy tales and myths, but reality. A place where a dark and ugly past slams into the present and sets out to destroy the future.

Finally seeing his destiny, Nyle will stop at nothing to protect Maggie not only from the dark forces bent on destroying her, but also from her own obstinate nature. For she is his destiny and he will do whatever he must to make her see that.