Bombshell, Book Six

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Home is where the heart is

Since The Cleansing War ended Mikkel Haraldsson has kept busy helping the Overlord round up the remaining rebels, but the gig is up. The Overlord knows Mikkel's dodging his destiny so he sends him home to set his affairs in order, one way or another.

Upon his return Mikkel is immediately beseiged from every direction. First there's his Uncle Olaf pushing him to take over his responsibilities as Jarl. Then there's his sister who announces that she found her mate and demands Mikkel do something about it. Last but definitly not least, he has to deal with a mean vixen who does nothing but hurl insults at him.

Being a man of honor Mikkel sets out to fix all these things and quickly so he can get the hell out of there. Except, he's not sure if he wants to go anymore, and more confounding than that realizition is the one where he suddenly finds himself attracted to the woman who hates his guts. A new experience for Mikkel, women love him but not this one. The statuesque viking beauty wants nothing to do with him and can't get away from Norway or him quick enough, and that is a mystery Mikkel can't ignore.

Now he's on a mission to learn everything there is to know about Runa Gundersson. Her every thought and feeling, her deepest secrets and her most sinful desires. He wants her and a Viking Berserker always gets what he wants.

Running on Empty

Runa Gundersson's life has never been her own. The first half was full of pain and heartache while the second half was spent in hiding. With the war over she can finally live her life for herself, but she can't do that until she fufills a deathbed promise and she can't do that until one irresponsible goof ball takes his rightful place as Jarl. She's at his mercy and there is nothing Runa loathes more then being at the mercy of a Viking.

But something strange is happening. In the dark of night its no longer the nightmare of her past leaving her in a pool of sweat, now she see's Mikkel's face and hears his deep voice, and she doesn't know what to do about it. She knows men like him and she wants nothing to do with them so why is she suddenly feeling other emotions besides hate and fear?

As Mikkel seeks Runa out she avoids him like the plague, but when a man from Runa's past walks back into their lives Mikkel wil be put in a position he's never had to face before, do a dishonorable deed or lose Runa forever.